Snyder Plastics, Inc. is a custom manufacturer of plastics products specializing in molded urethane and silicone.
We have a catalogue of molded standard shapes that are commonly used for leak test seal applications. If a standard catalogue item doesn't fit your needs, we are able to work from your custom design to provide a part that fits your specific application.
Manufacturing Capabilities
Snyder Plastics, Inc.'s manufacturing systems allow us a wide range of capabilities in formulating materials to fit our customer's needs. Whether your leak test application is air, gas, or liquid, we have urethanes to fit your needs. Also, we have a wide range of resins that we use in the material handling applications: transfer pads, nests, part pallets, or work holding fixtures. These resins can withstand the demands of many environments.
Mold Tooling
Snyder Plastics, Inc. has a unique modular mold tooling system that allows us to make prototype and small quantity runs at a very economical price. Our mold tooling department uses the latest technologies in CAD/CAM to additionally help reduce mold tooling costs. Our molding equipment can handle a very wide range of size and weight products
Quality Control
Inspection responsibilities are shared throughout our organization. We utilize some of the latest technology in measuring systems to ensure that all your parts meet your design specifications.
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